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Day Sulan Age: The Inspiring Journey of a Young Rapper

Day Sulan Age: The Inspiring Journey of a Young Rapper


Day Sulan is a rising star in the world of music, known for her catchy beats and unique style. As a young artist, many people are curious about her life, including her age. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Day Sulan’s age and explore her biography, early life, career, and more.

Biography Details:

To get started, let’s take a look at some basic information about Day Sulan:

Details Information
Full Name Day Sulan
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Occupation Rapper, Singer

Early Life:

Unfortunately, not much is known about Day Sulan’s early life. She has kept a low profile and has not shared much information about her upbringing, parents, or childhood. However, it is believed that she was born and raised in the United States.


Similarly, there is not much information available about Day Sulan’s education. It is unclear if she attended college or any formal music programs to develop her skills as a rapper and singer.


Despite her mysterious background, Day Sulan has quickly risen to fame in the music industry. She gained popularity after collaborating with fellow rapper YG on his hit song “Her Story” in 2020. She also appeared on YG’s album “My Life 4Hunnid” in 2020, which helped to further increase her exposure and fan base.

Day Sulan Career

Since then, Day Sulan has been actively releasing her own music and building her career as a solo artist. In 2021, she released her debut single “Mascara” and followed it up with another single, “BIG”. Her unique style and confident attitude have earned her a loyal following and set her apart from other up-and-coming artists.

Controversies/Reason for Fame:

Day Sulan has not been involved in any major controversies in her career so far. However, she has gained recognition for her talent and unique style as a rapper and singer, which has helped her to stand out in a crowded music industry.


What is Day Sulan’s real name?

  • Day Sulan’s real name is not publicly known.

How old is Day Sulan?

  • Day Sulan’s age is not publicly known.

What is Day Sulan’s most popular song?

  • Day Sulan’s most popular song is “Her Story”, a collaboration with rapper YG.


Despite her elusive background and unknown age, Day Sulan has quickly made a name for herself in the music industry with her talent and unique style. As she continues to release new music and build her career as a solo artist, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this rising star.