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Erica Campbell Siblings: Who Are the Brothers and Sisters of the Gospel Singer and TV Host?

Erica Campbell Siblings: Who Are the Brothers and Sisters of the Gospel Singer and TV Host?


When it comes to talent and success, the Campbell family stands out in the entertainment industry. Erica Campbell, known for her achievements as a gospel singer, songwriter, and radio host, comes from a family filled with gifted individuals. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Erica Campbell’s siblings and explore the unique talents and achievements that run in their blood.


Erica Campbell Siblings Biography

Sibling Occupation Notable Achievements
Tina Campbell Gospel Singer, Songwriter Grammy Award-winner, Mary Mary duo member, successful solo career
Alana Atkins Actress, Singer Appearances in movies and TV shows, solo musical career
Darrell Blair Singer, Pastor Vocalist for Mary Mary and various gospel projects, co-founder of “Church in the Now”
Thomasina Atkins Singer, Actress, Reality Star Member of the group Total, appearances on reality TV shows
Delisa Davis Actress, Singer Notable theater performances, vocal coach
Maliea Lynn Singer, Songwriter Collaboration with various artists, aspiring solo career
Michaela Atkins Singer Participation in gospel music projects, live performances
Erica Atkins Gospel Singer, Radio Host Grammy Award-winner, solo musical career, radio show host
Andre Atkins Music Producer, Songwriter Collaboration with renowned artists, successful music production career
LaShawn Daniels Songwriter, Music Producer Grammy Award-winner, collaborations with top artists, prolific songwriting career
Warryn Campbell Music Producer, Songwriter Grammy Award-winner, production for various artists, successful songwriting career

Early Life:

Growing up in a household filled with musical influences, Erica Campbell and her siblings were destined for greatness. Their parents fostered a love for music and nurtured their talents from a young age. Surrounded by gospel music and steeped in faith, Erica and her siblings developed a deep passion for singing and performing.


While pursuing their musical aspirations, Erica Campbell and her siblings also focused on their education. They understood the importance of honing their skills and knowledge, which would later contribute to their successful careers. Each sibling pursued their unique educational paths, complementing their artistic abilities with a solid foundation of academic learning.


As they embarked on their individual journeys, Erica Campbell’s siblings made waves in the entertainment industry. Tina Campbell, Erica’s sister, gained immense popularity as part of the Grammy-winning duo Mary Mary, both as a group member and a solo artist. Alana Atkins ventured into acting and music, showcasing her versatility in both fields. Darrell Blair established himself as a prominent singer and pastor, using his powerful vocals to touch the hearts of many. Thomasina Atkins made her mark as a singer, actress, and reality TV star, captivating audiences with her multifaceted talents.

Erica Campbell Career

Controversies/Reason for Fame:

While Erica Campbell’s siblings have achieved significant fame and success, they have also faced their fair share of controversies. Like any public figures, they have encountered challenges along their journeys, but their resilience and dedication to their crafts have helped them overcome obstacles. Through their determination and immense talent, they have solidified their positions as respected artists in the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Erica Campbell’s siblings still actively involved in the music industry?

Yes, many of Erica Campbell’s siblings continue to pursue their musical careers and remain actively involved in the industry.

Have Erica Campbell and her siblings collaborated on any music projects?

While Erica Campbell and her siblings have pursued their individual careers, they have occasionally collaborated on various music projects. Their collective talent and harmonious voices have resulted in remarkable collaborations that have resonated with fans.

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations involving Erica Campbell’s siblings?

As of the latest information available, Erica Campbell’s siblings have been working on their respective projects. While specific details about upcoming collaborations may not be known, fans can anticipate more incredible music and performances from this talented family.