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Esther Choi Age: Discovering the Age of the Celebrity Chef

Esther Choi Age: Discovering the Age of the Celebrity Chef


Esther Choi is a renowned chef, author, and television personality who has made a name for herself in the culinary world. She has gained a significant following due to her creativity and innovative dishes that combine traditional Korean cuisine with modern culinary techniques. One question that often arises about Esther Choi is her age. In this article, we will explore Esther Choi’s age and provide additional information about her life and career.

Esther Choi’s Age:

Esther Choi was born on April 5, 1990, which means that she is currently 33 years old. Despite her young age, Esther Choi has achieved a lot in her career and has become an inspiration for many aspiring chefs.


To provide a better understanding of Esther Choi’s life and career, here are some additional details about her in a table form:

Details Information
Full Name Esther Choi
Date of Birth April 5, 1990
Place of Birth New Jersey, United States
Nationality American
Profession Chef, Author, Television Personality
Famous For Innovative Korean-inspired cuisine and appearances on cooking shows

Early Life:

Esther Choi was born and raised in New Jersey, the United States, to South Korean parents. Growing up, Esther developed a love for cooking and experimented with different flavors and ingredients. Her parents played a significant role in inspiring her passion for cooking as they owned a Korean restaurant. Esther’s upbringing in a culinary environment sparked her interest in pursuing a career in the culinary world.


After finishing high school, Esther Choi attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. She graduated with a degree in culinary arts and began working in several renowned restaurants in New York City, including Le Bernardin and Má Pêche.


Esther Choi’s career began to gain traction when she started experimenting with Korean cuisine and incorporating it into her dishes. She started her own catering company, Mokbar, which specializes in Korean-inspired cuisine. Her innovative approach to traditional Korean dishes gained recognition, and she began to receive invitations to participate in cooking competitions and television shows.

Esther Choi Career

Esther Choi’s appearances on popular cooking shows such as “MasterChef” and “The Food Network” further propelled her career, and she became a household name. Esther Choi has also authored a cookbook titled “Levantine Kitchen,” which showcases her take on Middle Eastern cuisine.

Controversies/Reason for Fame:

Esther Choi’s fame is primarily due to her innovative approach to Korean cuisine, which has helped her stand out in the competitive culinary world. She is also known for her appearances on cooking shows and her cookbook, which has been well-received by critics and readers alike.


What is Esther Choi’s signature dish?

Esther Choi’s signature dish is her take on the traditional Korean dish, Jjigae, which she has modified to include ingredients such as bacon and smoked brisket.

Has Esther Choi won any cooking competitions?

Yes, Esther Choi has won several cooking competitions, including the NYC Food and Wine Festival and the Kimchi Chronicles Cooking Contest.

Does Esther Choi have any upcoming projects?

Currently, there is no information on any upcoming projects or collaborations involving Esther Choi.


Esther Choi is a young, talented, and innovative chef who has made a name for herself in the culinary world. Her passion for cooking, combined with her creativity, has helped her achieve success in her career. Although she is only 33 years old, Esther Choi has accomplished a lot, and her future in the culinary world is undoubtedly bright.