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Geoff Castellucci Wiki: Discovering the Life and Career of the American Singer and Voice Actor

Geoff Castellucci Wiki: Discovering the Life and Career of the American Singer and Voice Actor


Geoff Castellucci is a well-known American musician, singer, and composer. He is known for his work as a member of the world-renowned a cappella group, VoicePlay. Many people are interested in knowing more about Geoff Castellucci’s background and career, and this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of his wiki.


Here is a table containing some details about Geoff Castellucci’s life:

Name Geoff Castellucci
Age 40 years old
Birth Date November 30, 1981
Birth Place Anaheim, California
Occupation Musician, Composer, Singer
Nationality American
Education Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory
Instruments Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Drums
Labels Independent

Early Life

Geoff Castellucci was born on November 30, 1981, in Anaheim, California. He grew up in a musical family and started playing piano at a young age. He also learned to play guitar and drums and discovered his love for singing during his teenage years.


Geoff Castellucci attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied music production and engineering. He also studied musical theater at the Boston Conservatory.


Geoff Castellucci began his career in music as a member of the a cappella group, Toxic Audio. The group toured nationally and won several awards, including the Drama Desk Award for Best Unique Theatrical Experience.

After leaving Toxic Audio, Geoff Castellucci co-founded the a cappella group, VoicePlay, in 2012. The group gained international recognition for their innovative arrangements and unique sound. They have released several albums and performed at numerous events, including the White House and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Geoff Castellucci Career

Geoff Castellucci has also composed music for film and television, including the theme song for the animated series, The Tom and Jerry Show.

Controversies/Reasons for Fame

Geoff Castellucci’s fame can be attributed to his work with the a cappella group, VoicePlay. The group’s unique sound and innovative arrangements have garnered them a significant following.


How old is Geoff Castellucci?

Geoff Castellucci is currently 40 years old.

What instruments does Geoff Castellucci play?

Geoff Castellucci plays vocals, piano, guitar, and drums.

What is Geoff Castellucci’s website?

Geoff Castellucci’s website is


Geoff Castellucci is a talented musician, singer, and composer who has made significant contributions to the music industry. His work with the a cappella group, VoicePlay, has gained him international recognition and a loyal fanbase. He continues to create innovative music and inspire aspiring musicians around the world.