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How Old Is Judge Jeanine? Facts About Her Age That Will Blow Your Mind

How Old Is Judge Jeanine? Facts About Her Age That Will Blow Your Mind

Judge Jeanine, also known as Jeanine Pirro, is an 72 years old American Conservative Television Host and Former New York State Judge who came under the media limelight for being the first lady judge elected to the Westchester County Court and the first female District Attorney of Westchester County.

Also, she is known for talking about critical domestic abuse cases and cases of crimes against the elderly – back when she was working as an assistant district attorney.

Occupation American Conservative Television Host, Former New York State Judge, TV personality, former prosecutor, judge, and politician
Net Worth $14 million
Age 72 years
Source of Wealth Career as an American Conservative Television Host, TV personality, judge, and politician

Moving on, she is currently presenting “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” which is quite famous for being aired on Fox News Channel.

What’s Judge Jeanine’s age? – A Check Into Her Early Days

Judge Jeanine is the daughter of Lebanese-American parents. She was born on June 2, 1951, in Elmira, New York, United States, and as of Wikipedia, her age is 72 years. Her mother was a department-store model, and her father was a mobile-home salesman who told Jeanine to become an attorney when she was only six.

Jaw-Dropping Facts To Know About Judge Jeanine’s Age

Below, we will be sharing some impressive accomplishments from Jeanine’s career, which she achieved at such a young age. Read on!

In Pursuit Of Her Passion For Being An Attorney, Jeanine Graduated From Law School At The Age Of 24

Jeanine attended Notre Dame High School in Elmira, where she spent three years completing her formal education, after which she enrolled at the Chemung County District Attorney’s office to gather some information regarding the Law field.

Afterward, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University at Buffalo. Additionally, she is the recipient of a J.D. degree from Albany Law School of Union University, where she graduated at the age of 24 and worked as a law review editor.

Judge Jeanine Career

She Was Appointed By Carl Vergari As The District Attorney In The Same Year

District Attorney Carl Vergari appointed Pirro the same year of her graduation (1975) to work at their firm and hold the position of Assistant District Attorney of Westchester County in New York State. Later, at the age of 26, in 1977, she appealed to the firm to provide her permission to work on vast cases of domestic violence, after which she started working with other law organizations and grabbed fame.

At The Age Of 28, She Became The First Chief Of the Domestic Violence, And Child Abuse Bureau

Pirro became the first chief of the new Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Bureau at the age of 28 when Vergari listed her on the list in 1978. She developed a strict policy, for which the employees started letting her down no matter what she did. Later, she decided to ask Chief District Attorney Vergari to promote her position, which helped her to handle the cases of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Bureau of the other cities as well.

After Turning 39 In 1990, She Made An Appearance To The County Court Judge For The First Time

Jeanine earned the chance to make an appearance to the County Court Judge for the first time at the age of 39 in 1990. This achievement enabled her to look after the case of the bedside investigation of Maria Amaya at the Intensive Care Unit of United Hospital in Port Chester, who was arrested on four counts of second-degree murder for the deaths of her four children.

She Earned The Batch Of “Bright And Capable” In 1999 – At The Age Of 48

In 1999, when Jeanine turned 48, she earned the batch of “bright and capable” by her firm head Vergari. Later, she left the District Attorney’s office to start her career as a judge of the Westchester County Court, where she gained success in the realm of Republican and Conservative party lines against Democratic nominee and New Castle Town Justice Lawrence D.

Moving on, she became the first female president of the New York State District Attorneys Association and gathered massive fame.

At The Age Of 54, She Decided To Drop Out Of The Race Of Head Politics And Became A Party Chief

In 2005, Pirro decided to leave her career as party head in politics and worked as a party chief for multiple firms. Later, she started writing novels and books regarding politics and life. Some of her well-known books are “To Punish and Protect: Against a System That Coddles Criminals” and “Sly Fox: A Dani Fox Novel.”

She Is Currently Accumulating $14 Million As An American Conservative Television Host

According to CelebrityNetWorthCom, Jeanine is currently making $14 million, which she earns as an American Conservative Television Host, TV personality, former prosecutor, judge, and politician.


Judge Jeanine is currently 72 years old and has been achieving success in her life since she was a young woman who faced lots of hardships to stand in the position where she is currently serving as an American Conservative Television Host.

Well! We hope that her success timeline helped you guys to learn that no matter how hard time is, you always have to pick yourself up and start your journey towards your goals again.

Are you impressed with Judge Jeanine’s age and career trajectory? Comment below to share your thoughts.