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Jessie Misskelley Net Worth: The Untold Story of the West Memphis Three

Jessie Misskelley Net Worth: The Untold Story of the West Memphis Three


Jessie Misskelley is an American former convict who gained notoriety for being one of the West Memphis Three, a group of teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of murder in Arkansas in the 1990s. Despite being exonerated after 18 years in prison, the case still attracts attention and speculation, and many people are curious about Jessie Misskelley’s life and net worth. In this article, we will delve into the details of Jessie Misskelley’s net worth and other aspects of his life.


The following table provides a comprehensive overview of Jessie Misskelley’s life and career.

Name Jessie Misskelley
Birth July 10, 1975
Place Forrest City, Arkansas, USA
Height 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight 150 lbs (68 kg)
Net Worth $100,000 – $1 million (estimated)
Occupation Former convict, occasional musician
Education High School Dropout
Known for Being one of the West Memphis Three, wrongfully convicted of murder
Spouse None
Children None

Early Life:

Jessie Misskelley was born on July 10, 1975, in Forrest City, Arkansas, USA. Not much is known about his early life except that he dropped out of high school at a young age. He was also known to be a fan of heavy metal music and often attended concerts.


As mentioned earlier, Jessie Misskelley dropped out of high school and did not receive any formal education after that.


Jessie Misskelley’s life took a dramatic turn when he and two other teenagers, Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin, were accused of murdering three young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, in 1993. Despite the lack of physical evidence and the dubious testimony of a witness, the three were convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Jessie Misskelley, in particular, was convicted based on a highly controversial confession he made, which he later recanted.

Jessie Misskelley Career

After 18 years in prison, the West Memphis Three were released in 2011 due to new DNA evidence and a plea deal. Jessie Misskelley was finally able to return to his family and start his life anew. However, he has largely stayed out of the public eye since his release, and there is not much information about his current occupation or activities.

Controversies/Reason for Fame:

The case of the West Memphis Three has attracted a lot of attention over the years, with many people arguing that the three teenagers were wrongfully convicted based on flimsy evidence and shoddy police work. The case has been the subject of several documentaries, books, and even a feature film.

Jessie Misskelley, in particular, has become a symbol of the injustice of the American criminal justice system and has inspired many people to work for reform. Despite the years he spent in prison and the trauma he endured, he has remained resilient and continues to speak out against wrongful convictions.


Was Jessie Misskelley compensated for his wrongful conviction?

As of 2021, Jessie Misskelley has not received any compensation from the state of Arkansas for his wrongful conviction.

Is Jessie Misskelley still involved in activism related to criminal justice reform?

There is not much information about Jessie Misskelley’s current activities or involvement in activism.

What is the net worth of Jessie Misskelley?

According to estimates, Jessie Misskelley’s net worth is between $100,000 and $1 million.


Jessie Misskelley’s involvement in the West Memphis Three case has made him a controversial figure, but his net worth has not been discussed as much as his legal troubles. While he spent over 18 years in prison, Misskelley has since received compensation and royalties related to the case, leading to an estimated net worth of $500,000. Despite his newfound wealth, Misskelley has largely stayed out of the public eye and has not made any major public statements since his release from prison.