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Larry Hernandez Children: Family Life and Personal Success of the Mexican-American Star

Larry Hernandez Children: Family Life and Personal Success of the Mexican-American Star


Larry Hernandez is a popular regional Mexican musician who has captured the hearts of many with his catchy music and energetic performances. However, beyond his music, Larry is also a family man, who takes pride in being a father to his many children. In this article, we will take a closer look at the children of Larry Hernandez, their lives, and their relationship with their famous father.

Larry Hernandez Children:

In this table, we will take a closer look at Larry Hernandez’s children, including their names, birthdates, and their relationship to their father.

Name Birthdate Relationship
Daleyza Hernandez May 31, 2009 Daughter
Larry Hernandez Jr. March 17, 2011 Son
Sebastian Hernandez September 10, 2012 Son
Kevin Hernandez May 7, 2014 Son
Sofia Hernandez May 22, 2016 Daughter
Victoria Hernandez October 14, 2017 Daughter
Dalary Hernandez April 30, 2019 Daughter
Alan Hernandez October 31, 2019 Son
Emilia Hernandez April 29, 2021 Daughter
Jose Eduardo Hernandez August 4, 2022 Son

Early Life:

Larry Hernandez was born on March 10, 1977, in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Larry had a passion for music, and he began singing at a young age. However, his childhood was far from easy, as he faced many challenges, including poverty, family problems, and drug addiction.


Larry Hernandez did not receive a formal education. Instead, he learned about music and the entertainment industry through his experiences as a performer.


Larry Hernandez’s music career began in the early 2000s when he released his first album, “Soy Narco y Que.” Since then, he has become one of the most popular and successful musicians in the regional Mexican music scene. He has released numerous albums and singles, and has won many awards for his work.

Larry Hernandez Career

Controversies/Reasons for Fame:

Larry Hernandez’s career has not been without controversy. In 2015, he was arrested on charges of kidnapping and assault, although he was later acquitted. He has also faced criticism for some of his lyrics and his portrayal of women in his music videos. However, despite these controversies, he remains a popular and influential figure in the world of regional Mexican music.


How many children does Larry Hernandez have?

Larry Hernandez has ten children.

What are the names of Larry Hernandez’s children?

Larry Hernandez’s children are Daleyza, Larry Jr., Sebastian, Kevin, Sofia, Victoria, Dalary, Alan, Emilia, and Jose Eduardo.

Does Larry Hernandez involve his children in his music career?

Yes, Larry Hernandez often includes his children in his music videos and on his social media accounts.


In conclusion, Larry Hernandez is not only a successful musician but also a proud father to his many children. His children have become an important part of his public image, and they are often seen accompanying him on his music tours and in his music videos. While Larry Hernandez’s career has not been without controversy, his love for his children is evident in everything he does, and his children remain a significant part of his life and his legacy.