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Larry Holmes Siblings: Family Life and Personal Success of the Boxing Legend

Larry Holmes Siblings: Family Life and Personal Success of the Boxing Legend


Larry Holmes is a former professional boxer who is known for his successful career in the sport. He was the heavyweight champion of the world from 1978 to 1985 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. In this article, we will focus on Larry Holmes’ siblings and provide biographical information about them.


The following table summarizes the key biographical details of Larry Holmes’ siblings.

Name Relationship Occupation Status
Faye Young Sister Retired Deceased
Leroy Holmes Brother Retired Deceased
Diane Holmes Sister Retired Living
Mark Holmes Brother Musician, actor, writer Living
Tommy Holmes Brother Retired Living
Debbie Holmes Sister Retired Living
Gene Holmes Brother Retired Deceased
John Holmes Brother Retired Living
Kenny Holmes Brother Retired NFL player Living
Michael Holmes Brother Retired Deceased

Early Life:

Larry Holmes was born on November 3, 1949, in Cuthbert, Georgia. He was the fourth of twelve children born to his parents, John and Flossie Holmes. Larry’s siblings grew up with him in a low-income household, and they all helped to support their family. Larry was a high school dropout and worked in a car wash and a quarry before taking up boxing.


Larry Holmes did not attend college but instead focused on his boxing career.


Larry Holmes’ career in boxing began in the 1970s when he started working as a sparring partner for Muhammad Ali. He quickly rose through the ranks of professional boxing and became the heavyweight champion of the world in 1978. Holmes successfully defended his title twenty times before losing to Michael Spinks in 1985. After his boxing career, he went on to work as a commentator and trainer.

Larry Holmes Career

Controversies/Reason for Fame:

Larry Holmes is famous for his successful boxing career and his status as one of the greatest boxers of all time. He was also known for his controversial statements, including remarks about his opponents and racial issues.


Q: How many siblings does Larry Holmes have?

A: Larry Holmes has eleven siblings.

Q: Who was Larry Holmes’ most famous opponent?

A: Larry Holmes’ most famous opponent was Muhammad Ali.

Q: What is Larry Holmes doing now?

A: Larry Holmes is retired and lives in Easton, Pennsylvania. He occasionally makes public appearances and is involved in charity work.


In conclusion, Larry Holmes is not only a famous boxer but also a member of a large and supportive family. His siblings have played important roles in his life and have supported him throughout his career. Despite some controversies, Larry Holmes’ legacy as a successful athlete and role model continues to inspire many people today.