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Matan Even Age: The Journey of an Israeli Tech Entrepreneur

Matan Even Age: The Journey of an Israeli Tech Entrepreneur


Matan Even is a talented Israeli actor, known for his performances in both television and film. He has been in the industry for several years and has made a name for himself as a versatile actor. One of the most frequently asked questions about Matan Even is about his age. In this article, we will explore Matan Even’s age, as well as his early life, education, career, and controversies.

Biography Details in Table Form:

Name Matan Even
Date of Birth May 16, 1990
Age 32 years old
Place of Birth Hadera, Israel
Profession Actor
Nationality Israeli
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 78 kilograms
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Social Media Instagram: @matan_e

Early Life:

Matan Even was born on May 16, 1990, in Hadera, Israel. From a young age, he showed a keen interest in acting and pursued it as a hobby throughout his childhood. Even attended a performing arts high school and continued to hone his craft in theater productions throughout his teenage years.


After finishing high school, Matan Even decided to pursue a degree in acting. He attended the Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts, one of the most prestigious acting schools in Israel. There, he received extensive training in all aspects of acting, including stagecraft, voice, and movement.


Matan Even began his career in acting in 2014, when he was cast in the Israeli television series “Fauda.” He played the role of Boaz, one of the lead characters, and the show quickly became a hit with audiences in Israel and around the world. After his success on “Fauda,” Matan went on to star in several other television series, including “Shtisel,” “Mossad 101,” and “Hathi Im Haifa.”

Matan Even Career

Controversies/Reason for Fame:

Matan Even’s rise to fame is due to his talent as an actor and his impressive performances in various television series. He has not been involved in any major controversies or scandals throughout his career.


  1. How old is Matan Even?

Matan Even was born on May 16, 1990, which makes him 32 years old.

  1. What is Matan Even’s height?

Matan Even’s height is 5 feet 11 inches.

  1. What is Matan Even’s most famous role?

Matan Even is most famous for his role as Boaz in the television series “Fauda.”


Matan Even is a talented Israeli actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. While he is still relatively young, he has already had a successful career and is sure to continue to make waves in the world of acting. With his good looks and impressive acting skills, it’s no wonder that he has become such a popular figure in Israeli television and film.