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Who Is Allan Showery? Discover How Teresita’s Spirit Solved Her Death Mystery After Getting Murdered By Him

Who Is Allan Showery? Discover How Teresita’s Spirit Solved Her Death Mystery After Getting Murdered By Him

Allan Showery is an American-based murderer who got sentenced to jail on Feb. 23, 1979, after robbing and murdering one of her friends, Teresita Basa – a Filipina immigrant to the United States who died in her apartment in 1977.

The mystery behind her murder stayed unsolved for several months until her soul possessed one of her close co-workers’ (Dr. Jose) wife’s body for help. This led the police to investigate again and arrest Allan in 1979.

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Teresita was born in 1929 to Pedro Basa and Socorro Basa. She moved to the United States from the Philippines and started her professional life in the 1960s as a piano artist. Besides this, she was becoming a respiratory therapist while working at the Edgewater Hospital in Chicago.

Below we will be sharing the deep insights you guys should know about the murder case in detail. So make sure to stick with us until the end!

A Quick Flash At Allan Showery Wiki:

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Allan Showery
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 An Hour Before Dying, Basa Informed Ruth That She Is Expecting Someone To Comeover

Before dying in her apartment, Basa talked to her friend Ruth and told her that she was expecting someone to come over with whom she would spend quality time having fun. She didn’t mention the name and hung up the call as if there was someone at the door already.

An hour later, neighbors called the firefighters and complained that they could smell heavy smoke from Basa’s apartment. And after arriving on her floor, they saw Basa’s unclothed body hidden underneath a mattress with a knife sticking out of her chest.

After Six Months, Dr. Jose Disclosed How Her Wife Is Having “Visions” About Teresita’s Death

Dr. Jose, also known as Dr. Jose C. Chua Jr. (Joe), informed the police six months after Basa’s death that her wife Remmy was having weird visions regarding Teresita’s death. The Washington Post later reported that when his wife was taking a nap, she suddenly started to sleep talking in another voice and telling Jose to help her.

At first, he ignored her, but after a while, when she did it again, he reported the police right away with evidence that Basa’s spirit gave him.

The Time When Allan Showery Got Finally Sentenced To Jail:

According to ParanormalCatalog.Net, Basa’s spirit told Jose that she was murdered by a guy named Allan Showery. And for evidence, she informed her coworker to visit Allan’s girlfriend and check the jewelry statements he robbed from her body while murdering him.

The police did exactly the same, and on Feb. 23, 1979, Showery was finally found guilty of his violent act and sentenced to jail for 14 years.

Wrapping Up!

Allan Showery is currently living peacefully in California, the United States of America, after completing his time in prison precisely. He likes keeping a low profile regarding his personal and professional living, and for that reason, the information about his current life happenings is unrevealed to the media.

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